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Height is a physical property that naturally assumes great importance in a three-dimensional, visual world. Tall mountains, tall buildings and tall people command extra attention; height is also an important metric in health, engineering and countless other fields. Humans have produced a variety of tools for measuring height, and have come up with different scales for assigning numbers to this property. Height is a unit of linear measure, and linear measure, or displacement, is a fundamental quantity in physics.

In the modern world, the metric system, or international system of units SIis the measurement system of choice in most parts of the world, with the United States standing as the sole significant holdout in the 21st century.

The centimeter is a common unit of measure because it works conveniently for the sizes of many everyday objects. The metric system was adopted in the late 18th century in Europe and was applied to mass and length.

The use of modern measuring equipment has modified this value somewhat, but it is very close to the original value. The meter is divided or multiplied by powers of ten to get other units suitable for whatever problem is at hand. Moving in the other direction, the decameter 10 meters and hectometer meters are seldom encountered, but the kilometer 1, meters is vitally important in transportation and other realms. Even if you know how tall you are, you probably do not know your height in centimeters if you live in the U.

To get your height in inches alone from the way it's usually presented e. To convert inches to centimeters in to cmsimply multiply by 2. This is because there are exactly 2. If you have a height measurement that is already in metric units, you're in luck and need to move the decimal point an appropriate amount. For example, 5. See the Resources for an example of an online tool that can be used to do these conversions and others like them very quickly. If you want to know the height of larger object such as a tree in cm or other units, you need to avail yourself of a protractor, sextant or other device that allows you to estimate the angle above the tip of the tree from the horizontal to your point of view.

You also need to know how far your eyes are from the ground and from the tree itself. With this information in hand, you can use trigonometry to get a value for the height of the tree.

If A is the angle, d is the distance from you to the tree, and E is eye height, then the height h of the tree is given by:. Kevin Beck holds a bachelor's degree in physics with minors in math and chemistry from the University of Vermont.

Formerly with ScienceBlogs. More about Kevin and links to his professional work can be found at www. About the Author. Photo Credits. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.Row Height in Excel Table of Contents. Excel Row Height helps the user to adjust the height of rows as per need so that data there in the rows can be seen properly and also by this we can make our table uniform in shape. To execute Row Height operation in Excel, first select row for which we want to adjust the height, then from the right-click menu list select Row Height option.

Give the height by which we want to expand the rows.

height in cm

There is another way, by this select the entire rows and with the help of mouse pointer select and drag any selected row from the position of the row number. Start Your Free Excel Course. If the text that you have entered is in Times New Roman font style in Excelthe row height is default 15 points.

One can also set a row height in Excel manually, starting from 0 to points. The cell having row height equal to 1 point is approximately 0. In the Home tab under the format option, you can adjust the row height or column width. You can manually set the Row Height option whereas Autofit row height will adjust the height automatically based on text or font size of the cell.

This has been a guide to Row Height in Excel. The easiest way to adjust a column is to use the Row Height in Excel. Here we also discuss Row Height in Excel along with practical examples.

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height in cm

By continuing above step, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Login details for this Free course will be emailed to you. Please provide your Email ID. Email ID is incorrect.The centimeter British spelling: centimetre, abbreviation: cm is a unit of length in the SI system metric system. One cm is equal to one hundredth of the meter British spelling: metrewhich is the current SI base unit of length. All Calculators. Centimeters to Meters. Conversion Table centimeter to meters Conversion Table:.

Inches to meters in to m. Meters to inches m to in. Inches to microns in to micron. In to mm inches to millimeters. Mm to in millimeters to inches.

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Feet to meters ft to m. Meters to feet m to ft. Yard to meter yd to m.

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Meter to yard m to yd. Miles to kilometers mi to km. Kilometers to miles km to mi. Inches to feet in to ft. Feet to Inches ft to in. Feet to centimeters ft to cm. Centimeters to feet cm to ft. Centimeters to inches cm to in. Inches to centimeters in to cm. Meters to centimeters m to cm. Centimeters to meters cm to m.

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Centimeters to millimeters cm to mm. Millimeters to centimeters mm to cm. Decimeters to millimeters dm to mm. Millimeters to decimeters mm to dm. Decimeters to centimeters dm to cm. Centimeters to decimeters cm to dm. Decimeters to meters dm to m.In my articles I sometimes refer to cm and meter, but other times I refer to feet and inches when talking about height or any other measurements.

If I forget to do that you might refer to the conversion chart chart below. That is why I have put up here a height conversion chart, in case some of you have trouble with finding how tall is cm in feet and inches or if you want to know how tall you are in cm and vice versa. So you are able to easily convert for example cm to feet and inches or only inches. It does not contain a conversion from meter to centimetre because it is extremely easy to do so: 1m is cm.

Kevin Hart 5 feet 2 inches which is cm source. Thanks to the chart it is easy to convert your height to the measurements you use in your country. He holds the current Guinness World Record for tallest living male.

The tallest man in history is Robert Wadlow with a height of 2. He died at the age of 22 in Shortest man in History was Chandra Bahadur Dangi with an official height of He was not only the shortest man, but also the shortest person. He died in at age of 76 source. The shortest living person is Junrey Balawing from the Philippines standing at Shortest woman in history is Pauline Musters from the Netherlands with a height of 58cm 23in she is the shortest woman ever.

The shortest living woman is Jyoti Amge from India standing Here you find a height chart by filtered by country here The Tallest People are from Netherlands average The Shortest People are from Indonesia average. So, what is your height and to which country would you belong according to your height? Please Share. Related Posts. About The Author Evgenij.

One Response Anila. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.To convert cm to feet and inches, first divide the cm value by The integer part of the result is the foot value. To find the inch value, multiply the fractional part by To convert feet and inches to cm, first convert feet and inches to feet and then convert to centimeters cm. For example, to find a common height 5'9 in cm, divide 9 by 12 and add it to 5, that makes 5.

To convert feet to cm, multiply by To find your height in centimeters or feet and inchesplease check the cm to feet and inches conversion chart or use the conversion calculator. To convert feet to cm, multiply the foot value by To convert inches to cm, multiply the inch value by 2. If you would like to convert feet to centimeters and also get more information and access the tables please check feet to centimeters conversion. Centimeter centimetre is a metric system length unit.

The symbol is " cm ". Foot and inch are Imperial and United States Customary length units. The symbols are " ft " and " in ". Privacy and Terms Contact Us. Quick Lookup Round: 2. Enter Centimeter. How to convert cm to feet and inches?

height in cm

How to convert feet and inches to cm? How many centimeters in a foot? What is Centimeter? What is Foot and Inch? Enter a "Start" value 5, etc.Use this height calculator to predict how tall a child will be when they become an adult. Calculate the expected adult height for yourself, if you are under 18 years old answer the ever interesting "How Tall Will I Be? The height predictor supports feet and inches, as well as meters and centimeters. With the help of our height calculator you can predict the future height of a child patient, your own child, or yourself, if you are still under All you need as input is the current age, gender, and current height.

Unlike other mature height calculators, ours does not require you to enter your weight, or your parent's heights and is just as accurate if not more accurate see below. So, to estimate how tall a child will be, first, select their biological sex gender. Then enter their current age: type in whole years manually and select the number of months by rounding to the nearest whole month.

For a newborn, enter zeroes in both years and months. Enter their height in feet and inches or in cm or meters. If doing this for your child or a child patient, enter their age and height. Finally, press "Predict Adult Height" to get the estimated adult height in centimeters and feet and inches from the height predictor. In this child height calculator we adopt an advanced method based on multiplier tables developed in by J. Paley et al. The accuracy of the multiplier method was compared with the CDC growth charts a preferred method when available using longitudinal growth data from 52 normal children.

No significant differences were noted between predictions made using the CDC growth charts versus the multiplier method meaning our tool is a highly accurate height calculator for teenagers and childern alike.

height in cm

The future prediction method was also compared to other growth databases from around the world and from different eras and the height multipliers were shown to be independent of height percentile, race, and generation, indicating that the multiplier method is universal. The accuracy of the method used in this height predictor is comparable with that of the Bayley-Pinneau [2]RWT [3]and TW3 [4] methods. The last part is especially relevant in the U.

Absolute error of prediction AEP is defined as the magnitude of either overprediction or underprediction of height. For boysthe median AEP using the multiplier method ranges from 1. For girlsthe median absolute error of height prediction calculation using the multiplier method ranges from 0. We recommend that the adult height calculator is used only for children without pathologic conditions that alter the potential for growth in stature and to always consult a pediatrician when making health-related decisions.

A number of methods for height prediction relying on examinations of skeletal structure are often used by pediatricians, for example the Bayley-Pinneau [2]the Roche-Wainer-Thissen RWT [3] and the Tanner-Whitehouse 3 method [4]. However, all these methods are subject to a wide range of errorat least partly because of the use of bone age estimations. Determination of skeletal age is relatively subjectivewith a high interobserver error rate, and the relationship of skeletal age to chronologic age has been shown to differ among various ethnic groups [1].

While methods for automated bone age determination were proposed in recent years, they still require a visit to the doctor, unlike the multiplicator method. Most online height calculators tend to use the Khamis-Roche prediction equations [5] or estimations based on the height of the mid-parent. The Khamis-Roche method has slightly larger errors than those for the Roche-Wainer-Thissen method and it requires more data than our approach using multipliers.

Furthermore, the applicability of the Khamis-Roche method is limited to white American children only [5]making it unsuitable for a height predictor intended for wider application.

The mid-parent height method suffers from an issue wherein if parents are unusually tall or short, their children would be relatively less tall or short, respectively, and the mid-parental height is then a poor predictor of attained height [6] and would thus provide a poor answer to the question many adolescent boys and girls ask themselves: how tall will i grow up to be?

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The single most significant factor affecting the adult height of a child is its genetics. However, a child may not reach its full genetically-determined height potential due to other factors at play, such as:. As noted, this height calculator works best for healthy children without conditions with a pronounced effect on growth. Make sure to consult a pediatrician to properly and fully assess your child's health condition and specific needs relative to their predicted adult height.

Good nutrition being a widely shared strong predictor is the reason why worldwide average height levels for adults have increased significantly following the Industrial revolution. The excess wealth created by more capitalist government systems and a capitalist economy enabled most children born since to receive regular food supply resulting in far less malnutrition and much higher average height for both adult men and adult women.

Unless substantial changes to this economic situation such as a famine occur at a local or global level, height levels should stabilize. The method used by our height calculator should produce accurate results even in such extreme situations, as noted above.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you.

We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: March 29, References. Depending on where you live, you're going to get radically different numbers for your height.

That's because centimeters, which are on the metric system, are a much smaller unit than inches or feet, which are imperial units. Luckily, despite completely different number systems, anyone can convert centimeters to feet with a little patience and basic math skills. To convert human height from centimeters into feet, multiply the number of centimeters by 0. For example, if you're centimeters tall, you would multiply by 0. Next, separate the decimal point from your result to work out how many inches you need to add to the 5 feet.

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